Mason, Ohio

James Hauschildt

Backed by a 25+ year career in healthcare and executive administration, James Hauschildt founded the Global Education Ministries Foundation in 2019. The GEMF is a nonprofit organization that serves to support those who wish to serve on short-term mission trips.

James Hauschildt

Dr. James Hauschildt

James Hauschildt has dedicated his career to helping others. Initially James entered the workforce as a healthcare provider. Most notably, he was a military officer and healthcare professional (RN) for the United States Air Force. For over four years he occupied this role, providing nursing care services, education and training program development, and more. 

In 2001, James began working with Dell as a Sr. Consulting executive and teaching as an online college professor. In this role, James helped redesign the curriculum for various educational institutions. This involved developing content for traditional and online courses, training programs, and more.


Media Features

James hauschildt shares his expertise in healthcare and education in a series of blogs and interviews. Interested in featuring James or the Global Education Ministries Foundation team in your next project? Submit a contact form today!

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